Gert Prantner receives honorary award for his life’s work

Gert Prantner receives honorary award for his life’s work


Gert Prantner, founder and managing owner RIMC Hotels & Resorts Group, headquartered I Hamburg, was awarded the lifetime achievement prize during the festive “Busche Gala”.

On November 5th 2018, the time had come again and the Busche Verlag invited to the 21st “Busche Gala”, to honor the best hoteliers, top chefs, hotel teams etc. of the year 2018. At the same time, the annual prize for life’s work is awarded.

Susanne Kraus-Winkler, President of EU umbrella organization “HOTREC” in Brussels and long-time companion of Prantner, took over the laudatory speech. “To give an eulogy for a life’s work is always something special. It is therefore a great pleasure for me personally […] to be able to present it. “said Kraus-Winkler.

Gert Prantner, who has been successfully active in the hotel business for more than 60 years, mastered a number of major stages in his life and worked in well-known hotels in Venice, London, Rome and Paris. In 1968 Fritz Haerlin, former owner of the “Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten” in Hamburg, discovered Gert Prantner and handed him the helm as managing director. During his 25 years of management, Prantner led the “Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten” to the best in Europe and the second best in the world. This path, from bellboy in Meran to successful hotel manager worldwide, is impressive.

The hotel junior staff has always played a major role in Gert Prantner’s life. He founded some tourism schools like the “ITMC” in Santiago de Chile or the “Moschotel Hotel School” in Russia.

Gert Prantner has often shown that the industry can build bridges between East and West without ideologies. This combined with the sincerity of an honest and reliable businessman, who at the beginning often put the chances and possibilities before the pure money making, because he knew that one determines the other, if it is done sincerely and professionally.

As a mentor to many young people, Gert Prantner has consciously promoted and steered many careers. Today, many colleagues still maintain close contact and seek his personal advice.


The heart and soul of Gert Prantner lies above all in the RIMC Hotels & Resorts Group, which he founded in 1990. Headquartered in Hamburg, it is one of the leading international hotel companies. During the last 28 years, RIMC Hotels & Resorts has realised around 200 hotel projects in Germany and abroad.

This is above all due to Gert Prantner, who is still able to inspire investors, funds and banks worldwide today and acquires new hotel projects for RIMC.

RIMC Hotels & Resorts can show great success with its idea to operate and revitalize hotels with tailor-made management solutions. Part of our philosophy is to integrate RIMC Hotels & Resorts into international hotel brands. The RIMC cooperates with currently 10 franchise partners.

Further projects are planned for 2018 and 2019 on the German and European market.