Currently RIMC is represented by around 32 hotels in eight countries.

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The RIMC Deutschland Hotels & Resorts GmbH is able to record 14 hotels in Germany by the end of the year 2017.


The RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts GmbH is represented in 4 federal states and operates 5 hotels in Austria.


There is hardly a country, where holiday and business are closely linked like in Switzerland.


Fantastic sea, fascinating landscapes and a perfect tourist industry make Spain and explicit Mallorca to one of the most appreciated travel paradises in Europe.


Not far from the borderline to Germany, our neighboring country Denmark impresses with its imposing coasts and its beautiful sandy beaches.


On the Italian hotel market including the major cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Venice and Verona, the RIMC Italy Hotels & Resorts is the competent and reliable partner by your side.


On the Turkish hotelmarket, including the beautiful beaches and the most popular holiday regions like the Turkish Riviera, as well as the Aegean Region, the RIMC Türkei Hotels & Resorts is located at Antalya.


In Benelux, the international hotel industry is at home: multilingualism, international institutions, people from all over the world, culture and nature in the smallest of spaces.