Planned Hotel Takeovers


The hotel industry is a constantly growing sector in which new trends are constantly developing alongside classic offers. The dynamics and development potential of the market represent a daily challenge that requires alertness, changeability and future-oriented thinking. Each hotel requires an individual concept in order to be able to respond comprehensively to the various characteristics of the product and the market. With this awareness RIMC as a hotel operator has become what it is today - an ally for a common goal: successful hotels.

Known as the "White Label" of the hotel industry, RIMC acts in the background and uses internationally known brands to integrate the hotels globally from the very beginning. With currently about 30 hotels and more than 2,000 employees the company pursues the goal of further international growth through new brands and hotels - according to the philosophy: The key to success lies in the interaction of all.

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An excerpt of our planned hotel acquisitions

Coming Soon:



Rome (IT)

Madrid (ES)

Hamburg (DE)

Marbella (ES)

Amsterdam (NL)

Brussels (BE)

Dusseldorf (DE)

Cologne (DE)

Ljubljana (SI)

Milan (IT)

Mallorca (ES)

Posen (PL)

Sardinia (IT)

Vienna (AT)