RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts is a medium-sized hotel group based in Vienna. It was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of RIMC International.
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Franchise Partner

Global players in an increasingly connected world: our hotels enter the international stage by using international hotel brands. Our international network enables us to use the world-renowned brands and marketing systems through franchise for our hotels.


Take an overview of the latest hotel projects of the RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts!


Finden Sie hier die neusten Pressemitteilungen der RIMC Hotels & Resorts!
  • 07.09.2017

    Sandra Neukart becomes new Senior Director Sales & Marketing of RIMC International Hotels & Resorts GmbH

    Sandra Neukart is a managing owner of RIMC Austria & Resorts GmbH. In addition to that, the 42-year-old becomes new Senior Director in sales & marketing of RIMC International Hotels & Resorts GmbH. In co-ordination with the managing owners of RIMC International Hotels & Resorts GmbH Gert Prantner and Marek N. Riegger, Sandra Neukart will …
  • 17.02.2017

    5 years Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli

    One should celebrate the parties as they come. In February 2017, more than 70 guests celebrated the five-year jubilee of Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli above the roofs of the city of Innsbruck. The managing directors Mr. Hartmut Geese and Mrs. Sandra Neukart, Hotel Director Mrs. Veronika Diehl and the hotel team were happy about the …
  • 20.02.2017

    Overnight stay boom in Hotel in Premstätten, Styria

    The Hotel Ramada in the village of Premstätten, Styria, shows a pleasing half-yearly performance. The number of guests in this six-month period rose to 20,000, an increase of 18% in comparison to the previous year. According to Managing Partner Mr. Hartmut Geese, ongoing investments are paying off. The third phase of renovation has been completed: …
  • 16.06.2017

    The RIMC Hotels & Resorts are committed to the region and the environment

    The company philosophy of the RIMC includes a strong regionality and a constantly growing orientation towards sustainability. Sustainable behavior encompasses many areas such as the selection of suppliers, service providers and the actions of the employees in daily work processes. “Numerous RIMC partner companies are already eco-certified and report this annually. Role models are firms …
  • 01.04.2017

    Special Olympics 2017 – welcome to Premstätten, Styria

    In the course of the host town partnership of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017, the globally active corporation “ams” has organized a 3-day program for its US guests. Almost 2,700 athletes attended the world winter games for people with intellectual disabilities. The event already took place for the second time in Austria. This …
  • 15.04.2017

    The first Hilton Garden Inn in Austria

    On 1st of April 2016 the former hotel Holiday Inn at the recreation area “Wienerberg” became a Hilton Garden Inn. For already one year RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts has been managing the hotel with 173 rooms. With the takeover of the hotel in March 2015, the entire hotel was renovated and modernized together with …
  • 17.06.2017

    70 years ÖGZ – re-defining tailor-made partnerships

    On behalf of the RIMC Group, the Managing Partners of RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts, Mr. Hartmut Geese and Mrs. Sandra Neukart, congratulate the ÖGZ – one of the best-known journals for gastronomy, hotel industry and tourism in Austria – to its 70th birthday. “We are avid readers and of course all of our hotels …
  • 31.10.2017

    Hotel Ramada Graz wins moments Award

    Moments magazine Styria (Austria) nominated top Styrian companies of various sectors, which distinguish themselves by their creativity, special services and innovation. The Hotel Ramada Graz in Styria, which is one of five hotels operated by RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts, was nominated in the category “hotels”. Subsequently, international business and leisure guests of the hotel, …
  • 16.11.2017

    RIMC Hotels & Resorts Group separates itself from the subsidiaries India and Russia

    The RIMC Hotels & Resorts Group continues to grow. New European countries are set on priority for the ongoing expansion and therefore the current focus of the international well-known hotel operator, headquartered in Hamburg. As the result of strategic considerations, the group has decided to concentrate on the core area Europe. In order to address …
  • 23.11.2017

    Seehotel am Kaiserstrand wins Apprenticeship Award

    The Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, one of five hotels managed by RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts, has successfully trained 27 apprentices since 2012. Currently there are 11 apprentices in teaching. On 20th of November, for the 21st time, the Federal State Government, Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Labour awarded companies with the title “Excellent Apprenticeship …

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