RIMC Update 2019

RIMC Update 2019

The RIMC Hotels & Resorts is advancing its positive expansion. A stable base for developing new hotels, mainly throughout Europe – but focusing on existing properties – is created. The goal, to expand the group throughout Europe up to 70 hotels, remains.

The managing owners Gert Prantner and Marek N. Riegger already have started the restructuring of the company one year ago with the main aim, to secure the RIMC Hotels & Resorts long-term, independent of specific people and through generations.

The new structure includes managing the company beyond national borders and the absolute takeover of all company shares from the subsidiaries on the part of the Holding RIMC International Hotels & Resorts. The headquarters of the subsidiaries will be disbanded in terms of staff and integrated into the headquarter of the Holding company located in Hamburg. The RIMC International Hotels & Resorts will take over all the tasks across the borders. Furthermore, the local tasks will be partly managed by a country-based general manager, who will also be appointed to COO of this specific country. This structure leads to the direct management of the whole hotel group by the Holding company. In this way, the RIMC Hotels & Resorts can implement and coordinate the whole company faster.

In the beginning of 2018, the managing owners of the RIMC International Hotels & Resorts decided to involve a 30% managing partner to the holding company. Mr. Mahir Ahmetoğlu – a Turkish businessman in the tourism industry – became the new partner next to Prantner and Riegger. In the middle of 2018, the group disbanded the partnership because of the modified political situation in Turkey concerning investments outside of Turkey. The 30% shares have been taken back, but a close friendship and collaboration still remains.

During 2019, there were various personnel changes in the RIMC Hotels & Resorts Group which are specified below:

Mr. Volker Schumacher, Director Operation of the RIMC Germany Hotels & Resorts for many years, is taking over his own hotel business and yet new challenges. We are very thankful for the great and productive time together and wish him all the best.

Mr. Hartmut Geese, managing owner of the RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts retired at the beginning of the year. His wife, Sandra Neukart, also managing owner of the RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts, is on maternity leave. They became parents last year. We would like to align our big thank-you to both of them for organizing the structure of the RIMC Austria Hotels & Resorts and wish them all the best for the future with their small Josephine.

Mr. Michael Sorgenfrey, managing director of the RIMC Germany Hotels & Resorts is leaving the company on April 30th 2019. He wants to face new challenges and we are wishing him all the best with a big thank-you for the last two years.

Mr. Audun Lekve, Norwegian citizen, is employed as the new CFO of the RIMC International Hotels & Resorts since February 1st 2019. He is responsible for the whole financial domain. Lekve was an entrepreneur himself and accompanied companies such as Marriott, Morgan Stanley and others professionally.

Mrs. Marlies Fregien, already at the RIMC Germany Hotels & Resorts since May 2018 takes over the position of Director HR International at the RIMC International Hotels & Resorts.

Mr. Ingo Sierich, general manager of the Hilton Garden Inn Vienna South, which is managed by RIMC, and employed at the company since 2015, is going to take over the position as COO for the Austrian hotels in addition to his duties at the hotel. Mr. Norbert Glück, Director Finance of the RAMADA Graz, which is also managed by RIMC, is taking over the position as CFO for the Austrian hotels in addition to his duties at the hotel as well. Both are based at the Hilton Garden Inn Vienna South and always in direct contact with the holding company in Hamburg.

Mr. Henrik Bille Pedersen, COO of the RIMC Denmark Hotels & Resorts since the beginning of 2019 is significant assigned with the Pre-Opening of the Steigenberger Alsik Sønderborg, which will open in May 2019. Mr. Pedersen looks back to a long career in Denmark and internationally.

In 2019, further changes are planned and we are going to inform contemporary about these changes. The changes will lead to a central management with the target to create a stable base for the expansion and to reach the planned targets.

The „White Label“ RIMC Hotels & Resorts, founded in 1990 by Gert Prantner, is really sought-after at the moment and is able to look forward to a good long-term future through generations. The focus lies on expansion especially with the ideal environment to the present time.